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European Council Directive 98/83: UKR : RUS

Radioactivity of water / European Council / Directive 98/83 / EC "On the quality of water intended for human consumption"
Potable Water : We establish its compliance with the requirements of Council Directive 98/83 / EC (over 10 years).
We study the content of tritium and dose-forming radionuclides in water, we calculate the radiation dose due to the consumption of drinking water.
Radionuclide Analyses for natural radionuclide concentration are performed at radiation monitoring laboratory of the O.M.Marzieiev Institute of Public Health.
02094, 50 Popudrenko, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Responsible person: Mykhailo Buzynnyi,
tel./fax. 380 44 513-70-74
During martial law call: +380974528713
E-mail: radmonitoring@ukr.net

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Ground water tests : natural radioactivity. Ukraine