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Conventional Radiocarbon Dating

Laboratory of Radio analytics of the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology located at Kyiv, Ukraine offers conventional radiocarbon(C14) dating services. It operate by benzene synthesis line and liquid scintillation counting based on Quantulus LSC.

Accurate measurements, competitive prices, good service, quality assurance, rapid turnaround, and your confidentiality.

Quality assurance includes: sample pretreatment, benzene synthesis, counting, LS vial selection.
C14 dating (radiocarbon) is performed in our laboratory using modern conventional (LSC based) method since 1993. For all LS measurements we use LS spectrometer Quantulus 1220TM, produced by PerkinElmer (formerly Wallac Oy). Teflon vials shaped 7 ml, 3 ml, 0,8 ml allow optimize LS counting performance for benzene sample of different mass. We have performed hundreds of radiocarbon analyses for our researches and some for commercial purposes.

Let us know more about your interest and requirements. We would like to discuss a radiocarbon(C14) concerned projects and other radioisotope researches especially from early stage of planning at Kyiv C14 lab. Please send your inquiry or any ideas to Dr. Michael Buzinny.
Information on radiocarbon dating sample's submitted sizes required, you could find below.
Learn: C-14 laboratory prices correspond to required time and precision, what kind of radiocarbon dating sample is dated, corresponds to sample's size.
Ask about multi-sample discounts offered for sample set submitted for Radiocarbon Dating and please send your inquiry to Dr. Michael Buzinny.

Sample Requirements: How much material do I need and what kind of material is used on?

Small sample Routine Precise
5-8 g 20-30 g >150 g
2-3 g 5-20 g >40 g
15-20 g 50-60 g >300 g
50 g 150 g > 700 g
Humus & Soil
100 g 300 g >1500 g
Carbonate (shell)
15-20 g 35-40 g >150 g

All of the above are Minimum Dry weights required. Other carbon materials can be considered for 14C analyses after consultation with Dr. Michael G. Buzinny.

Please inform us about your planes for carbon dating in our laboratory prior to sample submission. We have some additional advices for radiocarbon dating sample set submission and try to produce services in short period for your convenience.

Any sample, to be analyzed, should be clean, dry, bagged, and labeled Sample submission form & details for C14 dating, should be filled out printed, and posted with the sample(s).

We are pleased to any your direct contact related to C14 dating and C14 sample price. It allows maximize the effectiveness of carbon analyses and discussing sampling strategies and/or interpretation of any results.

Sample size supposed to be recommended for analysis. Multi-sample discount is offered for purchase dating of sample batches submitted for conventional radiocarbon (14C) dating. Please send your inquiry to: Dr. Michael Buzinny.

Conventional C14 (radiocarbon) dating laboratory sample price: Radiocarbon testing, pricing and cost.

Sample type
Cost per sample (Euro)
Radiocarbon dating of Wood & Charcoal
Radiocarbon dating of Peat
14C Dating of Bone
Radiocarbon dating of Humus & soil
Radiocarbon dating of Shell
( carbonate)

High Precision - base price should be multiplied to 1.5.
Small Sample - base price should be multiplied to 1.5.

PLEASE! Ask delivery address and more details BEFORE SENDING of your sample set.

Any sample passing through Customs should be clearly labeled: "SCIENTIFIC SAMPLE(S) - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE".

Do not claim a total value of more than US$10.
Conventional mail is recommended.

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