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RADIOCARBON DATING PRICE and C-14 sample cost.

How much material do I need for? and What kind of material is used on?

Typical amounts of carbon containing material types required for radiocarbon dating analyses (tests).

Material Small Routine Precise
Wood 5-8 g 20-30 g >150 g
Charcoal 2-3 g 5-20 g >40 g
Peat 15-20 g 50-60 g >300 g
Bone 50 g 150 g >700 g
Humus & Soil 100 g 300 g >1500 g
Shell-carbonate 15-20 g 35-40 g >150 g

All of the above are Minimum Dry weights required. Other carbon materials can be considered for 14C analyses after consultation with Dr. Michael Buzinny.
Please inform us about your scedule for carbon dating in our lab (laboratory) prior to C-14 sample submission. We have some additional advices for C-14 sample submission and try to produce services in short period for your convenience.
All samples, to be analyzed, should be clean, dry, bagged, and labeled C-14 Sample submission form & details, should be filled out printed, and posted with the samples). To help all users maximize the effectiveness of their carbon-14 analyses and to discuss sampling strategies and/or interpretation of any results we are pleased to any direct contact.

Pottery, ceramics & Radiocarbon (C-14) Dating (Novel)

Novel possibilities for carbon dating are now good tested for pottery and ceramic samples based on sufficient amount of carbon required for analyses.
Carbon residues, sufficient amount of datable carbon in sample was added to ceramic and pottery while production or while use - food preparation, etc.) allows application of such materials for 14C dating i.e. by application of direct pyrolysis procedures for benzene preparation for conventional radiocarbon dating price based on LSC.

Time (days) required for C-14 sample processing (radiocarbon dating )
Sample Small Routine High Precise
30 20 40
On request On request On request

Sample size supposed to be recommended for analysis. Multi-sample discounts are offered for batches of submitted samples for conventional radiocarbon dating. Please send your inquiry to Dr. Michael Buzinny.

Radiocarbon dating price list (pricelist)
How expensive is carbon 14 dating?

Our base price for C-14 dating is 100 Euro per sample (02/02/2017)

C-14 Sample type Rate (Euro)
Wood & Charcoal
Humus & soil
Shell (carbonate)
Pottery (If sufficient Carbon mass)

An example of Radiocarbon dating price:

#1: Routine One ( separate) charcoal sample (5-10 g of Carbon or more) coming abroad costs: 100 Euro + 10 Euro for Customs formalities. When 10 similar samples - cost is 1000-10%Discount+10 Euro for Customs formalities all equals 910 Euro.

High Precision - the base price should be multiplied to 1.5.

Small C-14 Sample - the base price should be multiplied to 1.5.<

Attention! An offer (on your request): Flexible Individual discount on valuable samples set (14C dating).

About submission:
All samples passing through Customs should be clearly labeled:
Do not claim a total value of more than US$ 1.

Conventional mail is recommended for all distances.

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