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Laboratory Contacts (Kyiv / Ukraine)

Laboratory is active in field of Radiometrical dating since 1994.
It is listed in RADIOCARBON ( annual lists since 2000.
It operate benzene production line produced in Ukraine together with Quantulus 1220 spectrometer.

Mykhailo G. Buzynnyi

Dr. Mykhailo Buzynnyi (also known as Michael Buzinny )

Bsc, 1986; PhD, 1994;
Doctor of Sciences, 2010.
02094, 50 Popudrenko, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Room Number: 6, 7, 13, 14, 15
Telephone: 380 44 5137074

Mobile: +380974528713

Mykhailo Buzynnyi scientific papers includes mostly application of LSC (liquid scintillation counting) and for environmental purposes.
Those are artificial and natural radioactivity.
Radionuclides are: tritium, radiocarbon, radium-226, radium-228, radon-222, lead-210, polonium-210, plutonium-241, plutonium-238,239, americium-241, ...

Radiocarbon dating laboratory (Kyiv / Ukraine). Contacts

A Sample trace in Lab.

Complete chemical laboratory set used for sample preparing while radiocarbon dating.

First photo (below) represents all set: carbide production, acethylene production, benzene production and purification.

Second photo shows carbide hydrolisis - production of acethylene connected to two benzene production modules. Sublimation unit at the end allws benzene purification.

IHME Lab. High temperature part of benzene line

A Sample trace in Lab (Prepare of benzene). See more at:
Equipment set
Video set