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Buzynnyi M.G., Mykhailova L.L. 2018 Drinking water treatment for radon removal. Review of the methods according to the European project. Environment & Health. No:4(89) Pages: 10-15.
Mykhailo Buzynnyi, Vadym Skrypkin 2018 Seeking for radioactive graphite in the forest litter. Environment & Health. No:3(88) Pages: 71-74.
Buzynnyi M.G. 2017 Directive 98/83/EС and radioactivity control of drinking water in Ukraine. Environment & Health.No: 4(84) Pages: 14-16.
Buzynnyi M., Mykhailova L. 2017 Estimation of the natural radionuclides deposition on the land surface in the vicinity of Trypilska thermal power plant. Environment & Health. No:3(83) Pages: 60-63.
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