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Radiocarbon Dating Service

How much material do I need for dating?

Typical amounts of material types that would be required for radiocarbon dating analyses.

Material Small sample Routine High Precision
Wood 5-8 g 20-30 g >150 g
Charcoal 2-3 g 5-20 g >40 g
Peat 15-20 g 50-60 g >300 g
Bone 50 g 150 g >700 g
Humus Soil 100 g 300 g >1500 g
Shell 15-20 g 35-40 g >150 g
  • All of the above are Minimum Dry weights required. Other carbon materials can be considered for dating after consultation with Dr. Michael G. Buzinny.
  • All samples, to be analysed, should be clean, dry, bagged, and labeled
  • Sample submission form & details, should be filled out printed, and posted with the samples).
  • To help all users maximise the effectiveness of their radiocarbon analyses and to discuss sampling strategies and/or interpretation of any results we are pleased to any direct contact to us.
  • Modern technology used for sample preparation allow us operate even smaller samples. It is applicable for most kind of sample material.