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Radioactivity measurement

The Marzeev Institute of Public Health Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (IHME AMS of Ukraine) provides a broad range of analytical services on a fee basis. State-of-the-art techniques and methodologies are applied, and follow standard QA/QC protocols to ensure accurate sample results. Inquiries regarding analytical procedures and methods are welcome.

Low-Level Tritium Measurements (less than 10 TU)
Radon Measurements in Water
Radon, Radium-226,228 & Uranium Measurements in Water
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
Gross Alpha/Beta Determinations
And more ...

Analysis Count Time Cost
222Rn in water 16 pCi/L $35
Alpha Screen 16 pCi/L
Beta Screen 30 pCi/L $45
Gamma Spectroscopy 12,000 second count $45

Radioactivity measurement services. LSC.